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Getting over the January Blues

PropertyAccess Team |

The second week of January is widely known to be the saddest time of the year. After a season of festivities and the build-up to the holidays, workers and students are now being sent back to reality. For many of us, it’s a point of time where the excitement has diminished, and the joy feels like it’s fleeting away from us. Whether it’s having to leave families behind, stress about the work you left in 2018, or a the new gut you grew from all the food you’ve eaten, it can be easy to settle into the January blues.

Then again, a new year can mean a fresh start. Entering into a new year can be the perfect to try new things take the initiative to take of yourselves properly. If you’re feeling blue, ask yourself why. Do you miss your family? Maybe start a saving plan for another trip back in the near future. Make it a point to go back as often as possible. If you’re feeling unhappy about your body – whether mentally or physically it may be the perfect opportunity to take up a new activity. If you’re not sporty, why not do some research into something that suits you? Maybe invite a friend to join in too. 

Feeling sad and depressed can take a toll on your mental health and productivity. But sometimes it’s an indicator that you need to re-prioritise your life, to take a step back and to see what you can change to bring back the feeling of happiness.