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Taft and Around: Flooded with Good Food Finds

PropertyAccess Team |

Manila has been known for its bustling and busy nightlife. When we hear of Manila, we think about Malate and the rows and rows of colorful bars that you’ll find once the sun sets. We think of Binondo, the country’s famous Chinatown and streets filled with great deals from generations old noodle houses, to jewelry and charm stores that sell you statues of different sizes based on your astrological sign, that will bring you good fortune for the year. 

One right thing about that is that truly, Manila is a city where you will see the busiest and experience the best of Philippine living. Aside from the known places where you can eat to your heart’s content or fill the day with sights, there are also those hidden gems. One of them would be Taft Avenue. When before it was known to be just a place where one of the top universities in the country resides, a place that floods during rainy season, and a place where you could not find a parking space, is now a place of great food finds. Taft offers food in different varieties depending on your taste. Here is a quick run down for your list:

Leafy Diet

Want those leafy greens? Here is where you can find these places to satisfy your cravings:

Go! Salads: One Archers Place, Malate Manila

Calorie counting? Here’s the perfect place for you! They offer salads and you have to option to have it in wraps as well. To cap it off, you can also choose from a wide range of smoothie flavors – all with healthy ingredients!

Samgyupsalamat: Captain Ticong, Malate Manila

Who says meat can’t be healthy? At the peak of Korean food fancy, we all love a good Samgyupsal. Choose to cook on the spot either pork or meat with some bean paste and homemade kimchi wrapped in fresh lettuce. You can go for the unlimited samgyupsal for as low as PHP500.00.

Roots and Herbs Coffee: Bellagio Residence, Leon Guinto cor. Estrada street, Malate Manila

What can be healthier than malunggay? This is only one of the types of coffee that the place offers. Aside from this, they also have other healthy sandwiches and thirst quenchers. 

No Rice, Please!

Some say that an alternative to rice with less calories is bread. Perhaps this is why there are a lot of sandwich stops in the vicinity. 

Subway: One Archers Place, Taft, Manila

Your sandwich list will not be complete without the classics. In this case, it’s Subway. Do you want the standard BLT or the sophisticated Italian sandwich with the olive oil dressing to boost? It’s all here in Subway. Then end it with a nice, warm chocolate chip cookie to complete your day.

Philly Pinas: GF, One Oasis Place, Sandejas street, Vito Cruz, Malate

If you are looking for tasty nine inch cheesesteaks, this is the perfect place for you. Choose from three types: The original Philly Cheesesteak, Phillyveggie and Phillipinoy. Add some nachos, wings, salads and onion rings on the side and your no-rice diet will be worth it!

Bon Banhmi: University Mall, Taft Avenue, Manila

We have always known Vietnamese food to be healthy and delicious, this holds true for Bon Banhmi. Here’s a sandwich that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Biting into the sandwich will be a burst of flavors and sauces. Located in a stall near the Vito Cruz station of the LRT, this selection will be perfect for on-the-go and busy people either on their way home or on their way to school or work. 

Counting Calories

If you are out counting calories, here are some good choices for you:

Kenny Rogers Roasters: Taft Avenue cor. Vito Cruz, Manila

Of course everybody’s classic roasted chicken will be on this list. If you are craving for chicken without the guilt of chicken skin or deep fry cholesterol, Kenny Roger’s hits the spot. Enjoy roasted or crispy chicken and be guaranteed that any dish you have here will be deliciously healthy. Of course there are the popular side dishes you can choose from based on what you are craving for: Vegetables, corn and carrots, mashed potatoes and more.

The Healthy Corner: Ocampo street, Malate Manila

If you are truly strict in counting those calories, then The Healthy Corner is surely a place you will frequent. A full meal is comprised of a protein, a vegetable selection and a type of rice. All healthy, all accounted for in the nutrition facts. Choose your meal based on your taste and end with a freshly squeezed glass of lemonade.

Chomp Chomp: Bellagio Residence, Leon Guinto cor. Estrada, Malate, Manila

Many frequent this place because of their legendary Laksa, but you can also find many Asian dishes with a modern twist here. The best part is that all the food items on the menu are affordable and are student-budget-friendly.

Guilt Free Dessert

Dairy Depot: Archer’s Nook, Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila

Are you craving for some homemade artisan dessert? Here’s a couple of suggestions: Churro ice cream sandwiches and cookie skillets. These are only a few of the treats you will find at Dairy Depot. 

Snow Boom Café: University Mall, Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila

When you think of dessert, your short list will contain a Bingsu for sure. If you’re a Korean enthusiast, then you should definitely visit Snow Boom. Relax and enjoy the desserts in this Korean-themed café – definitely one for the books!

White Hat: One Archer’s Place, Tafe Avenue, Malate Manila

Okay, so perhaps this is the only guilt-free dessert on this list. But admittedly, they’re all worth it. For some seriously healthy dessert, you can go for White Hat. Here’s your classic frozen yoghurt favorite. Top if off with some fresh fruits if you want some additional tang or flavor on your dessert.

Good for the Heart

Helping Hands Café: The Manila Residences, Tower 2, Vito Cruz, Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila

If you are looking for a café that is open twenty-four (24) hours a day, visit Helping Hands Café after a long day of work or after a loud night out with friends. This is a social café that supports people with disability. You can order your café favorites like pasta, sandwiches and milkshakes. 

TableTaft Boardgame Café: University Mall, Tafe Avenue, Malate, Manila

A fun board game with friends is good for the heart. This is what TableTaft offers students. Choose from over a hundred board games in the store and enjoy it with some light snacks and you’ll surely keep coming back for more.

These are only some of the places you can enjoy in Taft Avenue. Feeling healthy today? Feeling like going on a food-binge next week? Either way this place is perfect for you. Life in Taft is more than just they heavy traffic and the wet pavement from the floods, it’s now a place to discover new food, to excite the pallet and satisfy the heart.