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The Joys of Living in Northern Quezon City

PropertyAccess Team |

Quezon City (QC) has been a fast progressing city in the last decade. The local government, along with the business community, have been working hand-in-hand to develop the lands within the city. Over a decade ago, places like Fairview, Novaliches and Batasan were only buzzwords for “far” or synonymous to a long drive, but all that have changed. 

There are now a number of access roads going in and out of Northern Quezon City. The famous, eight lane Commonwealth Avenue leads the pack. The road that brings out the warrior in you was notorious for its fast buses and jeeps. This has since been corrected by implementing a speed limit of sixty (60). Drivers can now enjoy the scenery of University of the Philippines, the busy shops in Manggahan, and the various establishments you encounter on your way to the “North”.

In 2016, the construction of the MRT 7 had started. This will greatly help in transporting residents in North QC to anywhere outside of the city. Until then, motorists and residents will experience a slowdown along Commonwealth. There are alternative routes, however, to somehow beat the traffic. There is the popular Sauyo Road that connects from Regalado Avenue to Mindanao Avenue, that lets you cut the whole Commonwealth road. Using a map application can help you get through side streets in Quezon City that will help you get away from traffic.

Indeed, it is not just the government that is trying to provide more accessible means of getting to Northern QC, it’s also the private businesses that try to make it easy for QC people to be transported out of the city. Another example is the P2P where they have stationed point to point buses in Fairview, Katipunan and North Avenue to cater to commuters who are going to Makati.

Thriving QC Economy

The city has been continuously promoting and running campaigns to improve the quality of lives of the residents. Aside from the environmental and societal development campaigns, there are also campaigns to push for the improvement of commerce in Quezon City, led by the business process outsourcing industry.

Quezon City was part of the next wave of BPO development in the country. As a result, there have been a number of large BPO companies that have set up shop in the city. The more popular one is the UP Technohub, home of a few call centers that employs thousands of workers. There are also those offices that are close to malls such as SM North EDSA, Trinoma and UP Town Center. If you drive along Commonwealth Avenue bound to Fairview, you will see buildings dedicated to the business process outsourcing industry.

Aside from the BPO industry, you will also find that there have been a lot of openings of food businesses in Quezon City. At this point, business owners can still get the best of both worlds – since Quezon City is not exactly seen as a prime business hub, the rent is low, but the number of people that can potentially eat or buy from them is so much higher. So there is probability for a faster return on investment.

QC Entertains

Aside from the occasional parades like the UP Lantern Parade or individual town fiestas, Quezon City offers a few parks that families can go to bond on weekends or holidays. One is the La Mesa Ecopark, located in Fairview, where you can go jogging, relax and appreciate nature, go on a picnic, even ride a boat! There is also the Quezon City circle, where you can find some park rides such as the ferris wheel, walk along the stores of plants and greens, and at night, enjoy the beautiful lights installed all over the park.

For the more urban experience, there are also a number of malls that you can go to. Those in the Fairview area can visit Ayala Fairview Terraces or SM Fairview, that is continuously being expanded to accommodate more mall-goers. You will find your favorite local and international brands in these malls, as well as the popular and one-of-a-kind cuisine restaurants. Toward the East side, there is also UP Town Center, an Ayala mall that adopts a more environmental structure. Within the mall you will see greens as well as open spaces that gives natural light.

In the North area, there are also a number of malls that you can go to, particularly SM North EDSA, TriNoMa and the most recent, Vertis North. The Ayala Malls such as Fairview Terraces, UP Town Center and Vertis North have weekend fairs that allow local merchants to showcase their goods to the mall-goers. This is also where you will see unique finds like artisan food, unicorn-themed items as well as reasonably priced brand items.

Food Tripping

Quezon City residents might as well be called natural foodies. This is because you will never run out of options for food. Every week, you will see a new restaurant or a coffee shop or a game café that offers something different every time. When you are in the Commonwealth or Katipunan area, you can go to Maginhawa and Matalino streets. In any given time of the day, the streets are alive with their hole-in-the-wall restaurants offering various cuisines. No matter what your taste is or what you are craving for, you will surely find something along these streets, and at extremely affordable prices!

Now going towards Fairview, you will find various clusters of restaurants as well as food parks. There is the North Hive in Don Antonio and Bahay sa Don Antonio, or deep within Fairview, there is Fun Land food park, El Neo Garahe and Pazar food parks. Each food park offering something different to diners, with their own gimmick, and own unique promo. Also if you are a sucker for Korean Food, you will find countless unlimited samgyupsal places within Don Antonio as well as Maginhawa street.

Food shopping is not far along either. In 2017, the SnR Shopping Center in Fairview opened. You will find your favorite imported goods there and can purchase in bulk at reasonable prices.

Truly living in the Northern Quezon City is a joyous experience. Whether it’s a night life you are looking for, or a job in the vicinity, even a school a hospital or government office, it’s all there. This is probably why Quezon City residents prefer to just live within Quezon City because everything they need is at arm’s reach.