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The Rise of Co-Working Spaces

PropertyAccess Team |

Back when co-working spaces started to enter the market, it became an interesting and innovative concept because it was different from what people have seen from the past years. Co-working was considered as a trend that will easily fade. But as we fast forward to what we are seeing today, co-working has taken the world by storm. The increasing growth of co-working has been an efficient alternative to traditional office environments favored by freelancers, startup companies, and entrepreneurs.

According to a recent article, there are currently 14,411 co-working spaces available in the world today. As the quantity of these spaces increases, the expected number of people who will utilize these spaces is expected to go up to 3.8 million by 2020 and 5.1 million by 2022. These figures confirm that the workforce today prefers to operate at a more flexible and relaxed work environment.

Freelancers and start up entrepreneurs have the highest and uninterrupted growth rate here in the Philippines. This explains why the demand for coworking spaces increases. Even big companies are sending their employees to co-working spaces because “co-working” employees are reported to be more satisfied and productive.

Co-working spaces are known for providing an environment for innovation, enhanced collaboration, job satisfaction, opportunities for mentorship, and high levels of productivity. It enables people from diverse backgrounds to work in a common space and recognize the value of flexibility, interpersonal relationships and shared resources.

Today, co-working spaces is where freelancers, entrepreneurs, self-employed, and startups opt for the flexibility to use office spaces and resources on demand. And as these demands grow, aside from opening up new avenues for different types of people, it will strengthen employer-employee relationships.