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Things to Take Away from Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

PropertyAccess Team |

On New Year’s day the world famous professional organiser, Marie Kondo (or Konmari) premiered her new 8-part series on Netflix. The New York Time’s bestselling author released a new series that coincides with her teachings practices of tidying up. After it’s premiere, the popularity continued to inspire everyone from around the world to tidying up their homes for the new year. While the show was a joy to watch, Kondo’s teachings resonated with many. The series is recommended watch. If you’re in the mood for new year clean, here are some vital things to take away from the show. 

Keeping things that spark joy

The core of KonMarie’s teaching is simply joy. What can separate a home, and a place is surrounding yourself with items that truly spark joy in your life. When decluttering, KonMari advices to hold each item in your hand to see if they spark joy. If you no longer feel joy for an item, thank it as you dispose of it. 

Your home is unique to you 

One key lesson to take away from the show is that everyone’s home is different, and each of us finds joy in different items. Some with a love of music may choose to have more records in their home, and some with a love of books may find joy with a personal library. In order to make your home feel joyful you must focus on your own joy and brings value into your life. 

Families can learn how to tidy together 

KonMari works with each individual household per episode. Families with children work together as a unit in order to bring joy to every inch of their home. A new year’s tidy up may be a good opportunity to teach your own children how to tidy up for themselves, and to keep whatever brings joy to them. Stress of clutter can diminish once every member of the family takes on the practice. Children may even carry this on when they eventually move into their own homes. 

Envision your hopes for your home

KonMari begins each of her sessions with clients by greeting their home. The expert organiser does this by giving herself the space and time to meditate and communicate with the home on a spiritual level. On some occasions, she asks clients to do the same and to take a step back and remind themselves of what their home means to them. One advice she gives to clients is to envision the home they want to live in and keep that vision in mind while undergoing their tidying. 

Be thankful for your items 

Letting go of possessions can be mentally taxing. Whether they’re sentimental items, or big purchases that were never put into use. KonMari advises clients to thank items when getting rid them, to show their gratitude to the items. It’s a way to let go without feeling guilty and to understand that each item may not necessarily serve purpose to them any longer.