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Three Easy DIYs to Personalize Your Rented Unit

PropertyAccess Team |

All over the Metro, more and more of us have chosen to live in condominiums to be closer to work or school. Are you a proud (temporary) owner of a posh new condo? Or a long-time renter? Whether you’re moving in to an empty apartment or looking to refresh your old unit, when you’re a renter, you’ve got to take a lot into consideration. The top priority, of course, is that everything must be easily removable.

Your decorations have to be just as temporary as your stay. However, there are various ways to inject some much-needed personality into your rental to make it your own – even just for now! Here are a few DIYs for you to try that are just as quick and easy to take down as they are to put up.

Wall to Wall

The easiest way to spruce up a room is to paint your walls a new color. However, when you’re renting, that’s near impossible. And, in the off-chance that your landlord does allow you to paint your walls, you’ll probably have to shell out some money to paint them white again when you move out.

Despite all that, you don’t have to stare at a blank white wall all day! Try creating a diamond pattern on your walls using – surprise – duct tape. Duct tape doesn’t just come in silver anymore. There are so many colors, textures, and even patterns that you can choose from. A simple white-on-white scheme is very classy, while bolder colors can have a more fun effect on your room.

Simply measure out equal distances on your wall and draw your guidelines using chalk. This part takes a lot of patience as you’ll have to measure and line your entire wall from floor to ceiling, but hang in there because it’ll be worth it. Then, enlist your housemate or a friend to help unroll the duct tape along the guidelines as you carefully smooth it down. Take your time while doing this to ensure an even tape job. When it’s time to move out, simply peel off the tape. The wall paint shouldn’t come off, but if it does in spots, that will be easy to fix.

This DIY not only gives your room a great accent wall. It also creates the illusion of higher ceilings and more space.

Alternatively, try making other patterns on your wall or simply create geometric shapes out of washi tape for some cool wall art.

Color Pop

Even if you can’t paint your walls, adding a pop of color here and there will brighten up your room. Invest in some unique and quirky accent pieces like a stylish couch or an interesting side table.

Pillows are an easy way to add a pop of color to your room. If you have some rudimentary sewing skills, it’s easy to make simple square or rectangle pillow cases that you can use to change up your room’s color scheme any time your heart desires.

If you want to take the DIY route a little further, try to find some cheap wooden chairs or stools at a second-hand store or find one from home and give it a new life with a layer of paint. Lay down a white base coat and let it dry completely before painting it in your chosen color. Be bold and bright!

Put a Cork in It

Creating a memory board is another easy way to add a personal touch to any room. Start with a blank piece of cork as big or as small as you want. For bigger pieces, mount the cork on a piece of plywood or stiff cardboard to reinforce it.

Then, collect all your photos and other bits and pieces like concert tickets, movie stubs, letters, and artwork and pin them up to your hearts content.

If you’re feeling crafty, take some lengths ribbon and crisscross them across the corkboard, gluing them securely to the back. That way you can slip your photos and keepsakes in between the ribbons – no need for pins!

Mount your corkboard to the wall with some sticky tack or double sided tape, or simply lean it up against a wall or on a desk.

You can also screw some hooks into your corkboard and hang up some of your pretty necklaces and bracelets. Room decor that doubles as an organizer? That’s condo living at it’s finest!