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To make the buying, selling and leasing of real estate as cost effective as possible, easier, and less costly while maintaining the highest level of service among our users.
We continually innovate new ideas and technology to provide accurate and up-to-date information, skilled analysis and sound real estate evaluation.


Our vision is to continually innovate our chosen platforms to achieve transparent and systematic real estate eco-system.
To achieve our vision,
  • Provide unbiased property/investment data and analysis
  • Develop a technological platform through extensive research that will in return benefit our users
  • We equally value our customer service as well as our sophisticated technology


CEO & Co-Founder
Hiroki Kazato
Hiroki worked at agency as a residential agent and real estate investment company Creed corporation and DaVinci advisors as an acquisition team member. He set up a company Real Estate Transparency Forum Ltd. as CEO in 2010. He built agent system for sellers/owners for the first time in Japan and expanded over 10 cities through building and utilizing IT platform. Sony Real Estate Corporation (a subsidiary of SONY) bought out his company in July 2014 and Sony Real Estate started operation in August 2014 after the M&A. Hiroki engaged as Executive officer of Sony Real Estate by 2016. Graduated with B.A in commerce, majored in business administration, at Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan.
He is recognized as an expert who sells real estate highly in Japan. His Book: “How to sell your condominium in higher price” in 2013
Chief Partnership & Revenue Officer & Co-Founder
Sheila Baylon
Sheila is an experienced person in real estate industry of which key exposures include Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Australia, France, UK and the US. She obtained her AB-Organizational Communication from De La Salle University and holds two (2) masters degrees from National University of Singapore (MSc. Real Estate) and Asian Institute of Management (Masters in Management).
Dr. Chihiro Shimizu
Chihiro Shimizu, Ph.D., is a Professor at the Institute of Real Estate Studies, National University of Singapore. His areas of expertise are index theory and applied econometrics. In Japan, he is the Visiting Professor at Reitaku University, Research Fellow in the Institute of Economic Research at Hitotsubashi University, and Senior Research Fellow at the Canon Institute for Global Studies, a think tank concerned with economic policies that represents Japan, where he is involved in preparing Japanese economic statistics and drafting macroeconomic and national land policy. He has also worked for the Japan Real Estate Institute (1992-2000) and Recruit. Co., Ltd. (2000-2005) as the Chief Researcher. Prof. Chihiro Shimizu was a professor at Reitaku University (2005-2015) and visiting professor at University of British Colombia in Canada (2011-2015).




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